GObject property binding support in Glade - Weekly Report 07


This week, I finally got the time to do some of the polishing work on the "Bind to source..." dialog I was planning. The list of source properties to choose from now also lists incompatible properties, but greyed out, which is less confusing than hiding them completely. In addition, you can now only click on "OK" (now labeled "Bind") if you actually have a compatible property selected. (A rather embarassing oversight ;) As a small touch, I have also changed the undo/redo action description to say "Unbinding [...]" if a property was unbound. (As both binding and unbinding uses the same code path, it said "Binding [...]" before.)

On next week's agenda (apart from mid-term evaluation) is further polishing and edge-case handling. Most specifically, there needs to be some kind of handling for when source properties disappear, e.g. when the object owning the property is deleted or if a property is disabled (if, for instance, a button's content type is changed from "Label" to "Internal widget").


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