GTG & liblarch - Week report #07

Hi everybody!

7th week has passed out and I advanced in my GSoC project. I start to
rewrite liblarch part. The first thing I did was cleaning code which
just call methods of other object (Tree and ViewTree). The next step was
to rewrite MainTree which stores nodes. It is a quite complicated code
which handles various situations. I decided to make unit tests and test
cases [1] work. Just hack the code to pass and later start rewriting and
cleaning the code.

I was astonished that FilteredTree which I didn't want to touch this
week, is used when no filter is applied. FilteredTree creates a
non-standard sequence of signals which break liblarch_widget and its
TreeModel. I localized the problematic code, just 3 lines. I spent a lot
of time by studying why it is problem and how to solve that.

I append a test case or two for detection of circular dependences to
[1]. None of them worked as intended.

At the end of this week I had almost every unit test / test case
passing (code at [2]). The next week I would like to have all unit tests / test cases
passing and finish rewriting of liblarch part.



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