Telepathy integration into Evince: Progress Report Week # 7

Week #7:

Some cosmetic changes:
Initially the ContactSelector had subclassed Window.  I changed it to subclass Dialog, as it is eventually to be  a modal dialog.  Also, instead of using VBox and HBox to arrange the Widgets in the Dialog, I first switched to using a Gtk.Table.  This ended up looking worse than it had with the VBox and HBoxes.  After further investigation I tried the Gtk.Grid. This seems to be the best choice, as the Grid doesn't use custom child properties.  There were some Gtk warnings I was getting about the ComboBox attempting to be smaller than the minimum aloted size, and if I shrank the window too much on the horizontal, I would get a similar warning about the vertical scrollbar.  I added a set_size_request to the window, to set the minimum window size to avoid this warning.  The downfall of this is that the user can not shrink the window smaller than this minimum size, but the warnings are gone.  The minimum size is not too large at all either.

Functional changes:
The ListStore now sorts by alias (ascending alphabetically).  I added an individual ID column into the ListStore to be able to keep track of add/removes.  When the remove signal is emitted, the ID is looked up in the ListStore, and that row is removed.

I enabled searching using the entrybox.  Also enabled MULTIPLE contact selecting, and wrote a function (invite) which is able to retrieve the information of the contact (jabber account and alias).  For now, the alias is printed to the terminal.

Some issues:
  I realized the contacts avatar is only displayed when the contact is actually online.  Danielle suggested I talk to treitter on #empathy.  Apparently this is a known issue.

Now that I am able to retrieve the information about invited participants, the "Current sharing report with" window is the next step."

Code can be found here:

Project page:

Tiffany Antopolski

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