Midterm evaluations coming soon

Hi students,

As you know, next week will be the week of midterm evaluations. It's an
important step in your GSoC project, and you might want to do a few
things for this:

 - make sure that your mentor knows everything about the current status
   of your project. Having a specific meeting between the two of you
   could help for this, for instance.

 - make sure that everybody knows where you stand in your project. A
   special status report that outlines the current status of your
   project, in the big picture might be nice for this (ie, no too much
   technical details, but the big steps that were done and those that
   are left).

 - maybe some party? ;-)

If you feel there is any issue you would like to discuss with someone
who is not your mentor, please come talk to  Christophe, Daniel, Ruben
and/or me. That's some information we should know as soon as possible.
But hopefully, everything is well, and you are enjoying your summer :-)

Keep rocking!


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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