Making GCompris sound more Musical - Weekly Report 6

Hello Gnome!

Sorry for the late report!

Piano Activity!

Added 3 more levels, first to learn the pentatonic scales.
Learn to Play the Happy Birthday Tune, Twinkle Twinkle little star tune.
Corrected few problems existing in the previous commit while shifting from single octet piano to double octave. Made the code more dynamic, Now it is easy to add more levels, Added a button to set the piano size in the freeplay mode.


Though the save notes as files worked perfectly, the exact location to save the file is a bit confusing which I have to clear with the mentor. Could not have a perfect conversation with the mentor as I have college in the mornings.

I have created a separate module that will generate the song from the notes written/ played and saved using PySynth. Each note will be played for a fixed amount of time. Yet to add this module to the core part of the code.

I plan to spend most of my time this week on the code so that I can finish what I planned to within the midterm evals. And I aim at creating a fully functional code instead of finishing something just because of the deadline.

Still am facing the difficulty in making this compatible with several keyboards, though its simple ( I've to modify the activity.desktop file I am �struggling with the UI for config and settings which I hope I can do ).

Also I think adding more levels will only make it difficult for the kid to use it, So am making it more fun based learning by adding levels to play simple pentatonic scale tunes.

Code :�

Branch :�gcomprismusic (

Karthik Subramanian
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Be Happy always!! :)

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