Re: Improve Shotwell Slideshow - Weekly Report #6

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 16:55, Jason D. Clinton <me jasonclinton com> wrote:
Why is your mentor forcing you to support a distribution that is
already half-way through its life-cycle and has already been
superseded by a subsequent release? I hope there's a misunderstanding
as this not in the spirit of past GNOME Summer of Code mentoring. It
would not be unreasonable to request use of stable versions of
dependent libraries but nine months old is certainly outside of that
and actually counterproductive as you've clearly outlined above.

The only reference I can find about Shotwell's policy on supporting older distributions is in this bug:
And I think it's important that I follow the same policies as any other code written for Shotwell, if it's unreasonable or not actually depends on the project in my opinion. I would hate to see that my work is not included in Shotwell because I did not follow these policies.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

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