Telepathy integration into Evince: Progress Report Week # 6

I have made some headway with the Contact Selector Widget and the initial vala code has been commited to my gitorious repo:

This commit is the start of the class design for the Contact Selector.  The class creates an "Add shares to 'Report':"  window (at this point it is a top level window, but will end up being a modal window to a parent window that displays the "Currently sharing 'Report' with" contacts.  The "Add shares ..." window holds a Gtk.TreeView which displays all the user's contact's.  The contact's names and avatars are stored in a Gtk.ListStore.

This is a screenshot of the resulting widget:

The next step includes adding Cancel and Save buttons to the VBox, as well as the permissions drop-down menu and the "Notify new shares by email" check-box. (See:
  Then the "Currently sharing 'Report:' with TreeView needs to be created.  In Evince, I think it may be possible to integrate this TreeView into the sidepane.

Tiffany Antopolski

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