Layout Manager for Nemiver - Weekly Report 06


The last week I worked on many things:
 - I removed the intermediate layout interface 'DBGPerspectiveLayout',
and updated every layout.
 - I fixed the bug on the dynamic layout I described in the previous
report [1] and I finalized the dynamic layout
 - I finalized the wide layout.
 - I created a third static layout which contains two status pane: one
on the bottom with the context and the breakpoint widgets and one on
the right with the terminal, register, and memory widgets. [2]
 - I started to port the gdlmm binding to gtk+-3. [3]

This week I will do:
 - Prepare patches, review them and send them for review to my mentor.
 - Continue working on gdlmm 3
 - Port all my code to gtk+-3 (everything was done on the gtk+-2 branch)

Since I'm quite early on my schedule, I'm planning new things to do
during this GSoC when my current work will be finish.
I think I could add the support of the intel assembly syntax, it
doesn't look hard and would let me begin with dbgengine code.

Fabien Parent


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