Weekly report 6 - Porting Jokosher from Gtk+2/PyGtk to Gtk+3/PyGI

Hi there!

It is good feeling that I have something substantial to report. Last
week I got around my final exams (which where extra difficult this
year), and got some work done. Unfortunately I still don't have
working jhbuild at home (problems with silent rules and automake
failing build, if anyone knows how to fix, please email me), but I
have at workplace where I did most of my work.

So far last three weeks I have dealth with several changes in methods
and how you access information. Mostly it means that I replaced
deprecetated methods with new ones, or updated method's parameters. I
also finally replaced some Gdk.Drawable code with Cairo stuff in
TimeLaneViewer.py. Luckly, most of stuff in Jokosher is done using
Cairo, so they don't require that kind of rewriting (just checking).
So now I can open Jokosher main window, enter project properties, add
instrument, select instrument (method rename was required), and see
and move around instrument cursor.

This week I plan to finish with all Gtk+ bugs (dialogs, buttons), get
basic waveform drawing and playback/recording working again.

Peteris Krisjanis.

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