GTG & liblarch - Week report #06

Hi fellow GSoCers and mentors,

I started the last week by a discussion with ploum, my mentor, about the concept of rewrite once again. We change the division of responsibilities between parts of liblarch which allows us to get rid of some redundant code.

With the set goal, I started to rewrite liblarch_gtk part which shows nodes to user. Originally it was written as a GenericTreeModel trying to protect itself by running in threads. My goal was to make this part as small and simple as possible. (KISS) I used TreeStore which is extended by handling requests such as add_task, update_task, remove_task and reorder. The model stays in consistent state what is good. I discover that liblarch part sends sometimes inconsistent requests which breaks the old liblarch_gtk. (For usecase "tree high 3 backwards") On the other side, there are some constraints which must be solved: the path for tree can be 10-item long at maximum.

This week I am going to rewrite liblarch part (MainTree and sending requests) which should solve problems with liblarch and satisfy testcases [1]. The code base is at [2].

Have a nice week,



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