Anjuta as an AVR development environment weekly report #6

Hi all,

This week I've coding a bit more on the implementation for the AnjutaEnvironment interface, which means designed some UI for the 'configure dialog' of Anjuta, plus the code to load it from the glade file. I also tried to finish my work on the build plugin, but some function of libanjuta made Anjuta segfault each time, and also one of the Anjuta developers took a quick look at it, and didn't know what caused it, should investigate a bit more.

We also made some plans for a new libanjuta class, which should solve a problem we're having now: the configure dialog now has 2 sources of additional configure flags. The selected 'configuration', like debug, optimized etc, and the AnjutaEnvironment plugin. It's definitely possible that both sources want to alter the CFLAGS variable, resulting (when concatenating the two sources), in CFLAGS='configuration flags' CFLAGS='plugin flags'. This is not really handy, so we now create a class where you can easily change arguments and other variables.

Next week

- Look into GIO, and read a file with all supported targets of avr-gcc in it, and put that in the combobox
- Finish the implementation of AnjutaEnvironment interface, using current draft of the new anjuta class
- Hopefuly fix the segfault.

Gitorious repositories

Modifications to Anjuta itself:

The AVREnvironment plugin


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