GSOC Weekly report 5 and 6, GTG - Add the ability to search for tasks in Getting Things Gnome


The last 2 weeks i had to redo and think over some of my ideas to the implementation of the search engine. After talking with a fellow GSOC student, we found that to best merge our works in the end of summer, i had to base my searches in the filter functionality of the task tree. I spent some time getting to know and testing filters and the whole tree architecture, added some functionalities to the requester. On the interface side i pretty much finished all but the options and preferences part.

My work was a bit late but after this last 2 weeks i'm more happy with my progress.

Next week i'll start adding filters on conformance with the search syntax to the tree and start combining them. If i have some time i'll also start testing with dbus. I'll post some pictures and update my blog.

This week i had the opportunity to regain some work from last week.

I finished my designs for the search syntax and implementation. i had some problems and indecisions on what the best syntax and balancing between good user experience and functionalities. I also did more examples with glide and have a full notion how the interface will be.

Next week i'll start coding the interface and implementing searches on the actual gtg code and start updating screens to my blog.

until next week.
Best regards

João Ascenso

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