Weekly report 11 - Porting Jokosher

Hi everyone!

This summer slowly comes to an end and with it my Google Summer of
Code project. Last week I finally beat showstopper bug in Gstreamer
0.11 which didn't let me to continue with Jokosher porting. Code-wise
it was simple change, but as it was quite fundamental, I took my time
trying to understand why change solves the problem (GObject subclass
GInitiallyUnowned, which defines GObject with floating reference, as
return value should have.transfer none in annotations) In the end I
reported a bug[1], and had quite intensive discussions with Gstreamer
and GObject Introspection developers about how to manage this
fundamental change. While they are working on decision in Berlin, I'm
moving forward with Jokosher.

For rest of this week I plan to finish porting basic Gstreamer methods
and report any Gstreamer 0.11 bugs I will encounter. While I'm
doubtful that due of complexity of Gstreamer 0.11 bugs I'll reach a
working version of ported Jokosher at the end of GSoC (main plugin
"gnonlin" isn't fully ported yet), I'll try my best in these last few
days (and after that). In the end, there will be new and shiny
Jokosher for GNOME 3.

1. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=656205

Peteris Krisjanis.

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