Improve Shotwell Slideshow - Weekly Report #10 & #11

Hey guys,

I had some issues these two weeks, since I changed to a new notebook and shortly afterwards I moved to a new country and in the process lost more then a week of work when I tried to install the wireless driver, broke my Ubuntu installation and reinstalled everything but forgot I didnt redo the backup of my data. And the worst is that I cant make Ubuntu to work with my wireless, so I started using a virtual machine but I had issues with the 3D driver. Now I'm running Ubuntu with a network cable so I can get up to speed in development and redo the work I lost.

So far I resumed my idea of creating an abstraction of a stage, so that I can still use Clutter for compositing, but use Cairo to do the drawing and effects. This appear to be working well, but I havent tested everything yet, so I'm not sure how the performance will be (I'm afraid doing too much drawing in Cairo will slow everything down). Still my plan is to include the export video code I created outside Shotwell, but it won't work until the Stage backend for Cairo is made (which means do the compositing in Cairo, so that the Cairo surface is exported to video), which I believe wont be ready in the end of Summer of Code, so exporting a video will probably not work. It's a bit more complicated this way, but this allow the slideshow to use the hardware acceleration for the slideshow in the screen and the software renderer using Cairo anywhere else it's needed (themes preview as well). Also all the slideshows will still use the Clutter animation framework, which can save a lot of code in Shotwell.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

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