Re: GSoC - Project Idea

Hi Sam,

> There was a project a while back to do exactly what you mentioned,
> named Mathusalem. See .. I've not
> heard anything about the project for years so I take it that it's
> dead. Not sure if there's any code for it around, or if the originator
> of the project is still around. I think it would be worth chasing it
> up to see how far it got though, I'm sure I remember seeing
> screenshots at some point.

Thanks for pointing this out, Google wasn't very helpful.

Unfortunate the original git source/websites vanished. So I looked
through the code from Google Code.

I don't know exactly how much code is reusable, but definitely only some
lines, as Mathusalem required that client applications fully strip out
their file transfer and move that to a helper from Mathusalem. Also it
is limited to file operations. My approach will also cover other Tasks
like progress Indexing, converting audio, etc...

> Here's the other thing that might be helpful. Christian Hergert has a
> library called Iris, which is really for multithreaded programming (a
> bit like Twisted for Python apparently) and it basically lets you
> ....
> nicer coding your own lib than someone else's however :) I hope this
> stuff helps, let me know what you think.

As I'm not taking care of how the actual task is done (e.g. how the file
is copied) and I'm only watching the (abstract) progress, I think it's
overkill, but correct me if I'm wrong. 

Thanks for comments


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