Gnome Shell Message Tray Week 8

This was quite a productive week for me!  I rewrote the image handling
of gnome shell's notification daemon implementation, posted a patch for
symbolic icon handling and another that I've been working on for a long
time that splits the icons from the status icon tray.  That one will
probably take a lot of tweaking before it's committed, but I'm glad to
finally have it out in the open.  I also got contacted by ssickert on
IRC who wanted to work on integrating his project with gnome shell.  I'm
hoping to get some idea of how other people would like me to go about
adding some progress bars to the shell toolkit so we can make a file
transfer tracking source or something like it in the shell.

Once some more of these general tray improvements have landed, I'd like
to get working on improving the interactions with specific programs and
the shell.  Unfortunately, debian is a little behind on things like
gwibber, which would be an important program to integrate well.

I any event, 'till next week,

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