GSoc: Zeitgeist weekly report #8

Another week passed by, here's what I did:

Mostly more work on Sezen, you can read some background and see lots of screenshots :) on my blog [1].

- As I planned last week, I finally implemented the browser-like menu for the panel applet [2], which required some serious Gtk hacking to get it to work as I wanted, at first I tried to implement it as a subclass of GtkMenuShell, only to find out that gtk_menu_item_set_submenu accepts only GtkMenu, and GtkMenu has it's own window which I didn't want, so ultimately I went back to implementing it as one complex GtkMenuItem, but it works now and I'm happy about it :) - Seif wanted another version of the applet which just displays the full Sezen window without decorations, this was quite easy and is available on LP [3] - I also started the port of zeitgeist-datahub to Vala, I got some basic DBus stuff ready, but I need to talk to Markus about some design decisions in the datahub before continuing.

Next week I plan to finish porting of the datahub, and I expect it to take some time, so there are no other plans besides that.

Michal Hruby


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