Getting things GNOME! Web service and API: Weekly Report 07.


This week I made a read/write backend for GTG; (which was my main goal) and I started working on improving the UI. Making the backend also uncovered some bugs in api handlers, which are now fixed. Backend works, it syncs tasks between GTG and gtgonline, but it's buggy. Most of the bugs are caused by my dummy dbus server. It's called dummy for a reason :)
Once a proper dbus server is used I'll be able to fix most of the problems with sync.
First UI improvement I made is an old GTG feature - work view. It only displays startable tasks, like in regular gtg.
No screen shot, just open GTG and click on work view to see how it works ;)

For next week the plan is to:
* improve the tree view - add shortcuts to common tasks like marking tasks as done.
* improve the task editor to make it more usable and good looking.
* make a QuickAdd entry like in... you guessed it - GTG!

Overall - I'm happy that I'm on schedule and that I've completed my midterm goal!



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