Banshee Better Now Playing weekly report 7

This week I did two things. I started experimenting with clutter-sharp, and read a ton of research papers. I've never played with clutter before, so I've been reading the api docs, examples, and trying to wrap my head around 3D graphics programming. I've got some pictures flying and flipping around the screen at various speeds. It's nothing too fancy but it's very fun, and isn't that complicated.

I've also been reading a ton of fact-extraction natural language processing papers. There are a few good ones about unsupervised systems using Wikipedia as the corpus. I will probably end up implementing something like the systems described in the papers I've been reading. If there's time I'll also be doing coreference resolution to disambiguate pronouns in the text body.

These are both for my pop up video context source. It's going to be seriously awesome.

Next week I'm going to keep reading papers, and implement the graphics layer. I want to get some squares floating around on top of a playing video.

-- Alex Launi

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