GTG - multiple backends week #7 (Luca Invernizzi)

Hello developers,
 Here's my weekly report for week #7 (also on [blogpost], with
pictures, and on my [portfolio]).
This week, I've started to work on  two backends planned for my GSoC
on "Getting Things Gnome!".
One is the Remember The Milk backend, for which I've written the
authentication system and started to sync task titles (I already have
the code for the rest in the old plugin, but it will need a bit of
refactoring to make it easier to read and compatible to the new
backend system).
The more interesting backend is the one based on couchdb, which should
enable to keep two GTG installations in sync. This backend should also
work on the Ubuntu, which has a couchdb implementation which differs a
little bit from the standard (e.g. deleted records are not really
deleted, but are "marked" as deleted). Anyway, so far, it's working
nicely, although it's not yet supporting all the features of a  gtg
Next week, I'm planning to expand GTG Dates module to make serializing
dates easier. I'll also have to finish and test threads destruction
upon closing GTG, to ensure tasks operations to be atomic.
ps: it seems that an API for Google Tasks should be announced soon.
That would be a great backend for GTG!
[bzr branch] lp:~gtg-user/gtg/multi-backends__invernizzi_gsoc gtg-invernizzi

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