GSoC: Zeitgeist weekly report #7

Hey there!

Past week wasn't as fruitful as the one before that, I spent most of my time improving Sezen[1], which now has all the features of Seif's python version and a few more: - now it fully supports the FTS extension (which is optional and its presence is detected at runtime)
- finally I filter out URIs that are logged in ZG but no longer exist
- a few UI changes - including nicer thumbnails with frames :)
- filtering out specific subject interpretations
- added support for single-instance only (using libunique)
- added command line parameter "category", which should make integration from external apps easier
- synced all the backend changes to the panel-applet

I was also playing more with GtkMenuItems, since I still want the panel-applet to have browser-like search interface, but there's nothing to show off here yet.

Last week I also planned to at least start rewrite of zeitgeist-datahub to Vala, but past few days I haven't been feeling well, and definitely not like programming, so this wasn't started yet, therefore I'll move this to the next weeks plan including the new search interface for Sezen panel-applet.

Michal Hruby


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