Jokosher Telepathy support: Weekly report #6

Hi everyone!

I'm little bit late this time again, as I took additional hours to
make my code working. Unfortunately I'm still stuck, but I think I'm
going in right direction. Well, time to ask for help and take a look
back and read some docs :)

What I got is working Jokosher calls when Empathy is connected.
Previously I used EnsureChannel, which not always produced NewChannels
signal (especially in cases when there was already chat with person
I'm tried to call to). Well, against recommendation of Telepathy
developer manual I used CreateChannel (which spawned new channel as
needed) and it worked. So now I only have to detect Empathy or other
clients when quiting Jokosher and not to disconnect them.

For call itself I tried to connect all sinks and sources to tees so it
would recording instrument and in same time allowed to hear call
partipiciants. However, I have misunderstood the order how signals are
received, so no new stream, conference/session or source pad don't get
created as I hoped to. Time to give to review code my mentors Michael
Sheldon and Lazslo Pandy.

Let's hope I can finish it this week.


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