Cheese Report Week 6

Another late report :|

I have nothing to report :( Reasons being last report was *very* late,
and I've been sick from Saturday till today Morning. So, no commits
since last report. At all.

So, reiterating last week's goals for this week:

1. Even less CPU Usage! We're now even with current Cheese (which does
not give you live previews). I want to bring this down even more.
2. Reduced latency for switching operations. Moving between
effects/screens now has more than a second of latency. I should reduce
this to much lesser than a second.
3. Code cleanup. Some of the C code is a mess - needs to be cleaned up much.
4. Error fixing. You can now crash it by looking at it at a 58 degree
angle, during new moon days. Bugs like these will be fixed. (Daniel
fixed a few of these)

Here's to hoping for long, uninterrupted periods of coding

Yuvi Panda T

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