sanshee's setter sow slaying source seek six

Isn't it nuts that only one of those words stops being a word when you replace the first letter with an 's'?

Since I am very ahead of schedule, I thought that I would use this week and take a small break from coding my project to work on getting the final bits of the gio hardware backend into shape. A while ago I started working on excising HAL from Banshee by writing a hardware backend that uses GIO's Volume Monitor for device detection. This week, with a little help from the wonderful Alan McGovern, I finished that work! Very excited, Banshee now has hardware support without HAL using gio and udev. Aside from this I did spend some research time examining clutter-sharp, and some natural language techniques for fact extraction. I plan on making a really sweet context extension that will basically be a copy of vh-1's pop up video (for those of us who remember 90s tv). I'll use fact extraction techniques to get facts about the artist and song, display photos of the band, and maybe video clips if I can figure out a good way to do it, and pop-up bubbles periodically that float around the screen containing factoids about the currently playing media. It's going to be baller.

--Alex Launi

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