Anjuta Snippets Manager - weekly report #6


    Won't make a blog post this week, as I'm halfway of doing the
Snippets Editor and things aren't that interesting right now. You can
view the source code at [1]. I just finished my exams period and I
haven't done that much coding until the day after my last exam (that
being Friday), but I managed to do some important stuff required by
the Snippets Editor.

    What have I done this week?
    * After talking a lot with Johannes about how the Snippets Editor
should look (yeah, I know, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to
do a design for this, but want to be sure it will be as user-friendly
as possible), I think we decided on a few things, and after making a
few designs in Glade, I finally chose one to go with. I display the
widget correctly right now, but didn't defined any handlers yet and
will wait until next week to show you how it looks.
    * Wrote most of the back-end required for the Snippets Editor -
mainly modifying the existing classes by adding a few methods and
adding a new one (a tree model for the snippet variables).
    * Fixed some memory problems from last week's code :).

    What will I do next week?
    I will hopefully finish the Snippets Editor.

    Looking back on the previous report, how accurate was your planning?
    Well, considering that last week my exact words were: "will try to
replace the red big text right there with an actual editor", that is
kind of true, just that the editor doesn't work yet :).

    This weekly report was kind of short, but the next one should also
reflect this week's work, so will see you guys next week.


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