Clutterrific! - Week 6

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the late report.  After a bit of fighting and knob
twiddling, I managed to get a physics engine somewhat working in my
code (I ended up going with the Open Dynamics Engine:  Admittedly, that's all I managed to do this
week, and the physics are still not working the way I want them to
work, but anyways, here's an unimpressive video of it in action:

You have to use your imagination a bit to guess what I have in mind ;)
Basically, the black squares will be replaced by ClutterTextures, and
the blue squares will be replaced by a rope-like model.  How to render
them properly is really beyond me though... might require some Cogl.

So I didn't really meet my plan from last week of having the physics
fully working, since there are still quite a lot of problems that need
to be rectified.  But I did learn quite a bit about physics engines in
general, so I'm quite happy about that.  The plan for next week is to
keep tweaking the physics to be just right, replace those black
squares with user photos, and figure out just how in the heck to
render ropes with Clutter.  And if there's extra time, maybe explore
the city I'm in :)


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