TaskView: (was "Improving the desktop experience with the "Task" and "TaskMonitor" D-Bus API"): Weekly Report 6


Report number 6:

* What have I done this week?

      * Ported the content update logic of the Monitor application to
      * Added the a the TaskviewIOProxy
      * Refined the UI
      * Fixed various bugs in the support library
      * Extended the sample test-worker
      * Added some details on my portfolio page:

* What will I do next week?

      * Resume my work on the integration, patches (Telepathy, Nautilus)
      * Clean and streamline the UI

* Looking back on the previous report, how accurate was your planning? 

      * I changed my plans for the last week and focussed on bugfixing,
        resolving long-standing issues and porting. One consequence is,
        that the telepathy observer isn't finished yet. 

* Hint of the week:

GBindings may look a trivial, but they are quite handy.


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