[final report] Python and GObject-Introspection

Hey all,

I kept working for a few more days; I wanted to polish things before
publishing this report; sorry.

So, it won't be long. I created a wiki page with the current status of
the project and a few examples: http://live.gnome.org/PyGObject

During the summer, I rewrote most of the former PyBank, and I extended
it. I haven't got a fully-functional runtime binding generator yet, but
it's not far from being complete (I haven't said nice to use for a
Python developer, that's another story). Constants and unions support
shouldn't take too long to implement afterward. Callbacks marshalling
needs to be added too.

For various reasons, including mentoring issues, I didn't follow my
schedule too much. I had to rewrite parts I thought were good (notably
enumerations and interfaces support), I added features I hadn't planned
to (especially regarding marshalling), but a few are still missing.

Unfortunately, the SoC experience was not as great as I thought. I had
difficult times until August, when I got a new mentor; I was working
alone, I had a hard time trying to find someone to review my work (which
never actually happened) or someone to ask my questions to.

On July 31, Alberto Ruiz became my new mentor. Motivation++, and fun
again. Many thanks, Alberto. A special «thanks» to Mark Lee, Tomeu
Vizoso and Philippe Normand, for their support and testing too.

Eventually, if you don't see any inconvenience, I'll take a few weeks
off(line), and when I'll be back, I'm going to add the missing parts to
my project, and more.



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