Re: [final report] Python and GObject-Introspection

2009/8/21 Simon van der Linden <svdlinden src gnome org>:
> Hey all,
> On July 31, Alberto Ruiz became my new mentor. Motivation++, and fun
> again. Many thanks, Alberto. A special «thanks» to Mark Lee, Tomeu
> Vizoso and Philippe Normand, for their support and testing too.

Thank you Simon, you've done a great job!

> Eventually, if you don't see any inconvenience, I'll take a few weeks
> off(line), and when I'll be back, I'm going to add the missing parts to
> my project, and more.

You deserve a good vacation, in the meantime I'll try to get some
people involved to review your work and try to get as much as we can
to upstream. I'll be delighted to have you contributing on pygobject
in the long run!

Thanks a lot Simon.

Alberto Ruiz

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