[final report] week 12: libsoup / gnio / ftp

Hello !

That's yet my last report for my Google Summer of Code 2009.

Indeed, I have finish hacking the ligweather using my SoupURILoader, and it works great ! ( You can take a loot at my screenshot, it show that libgweather use my SoupURILoader instead of the old hack with libsoup session )

So, about my work, a lot is done, but there is some more work to do ( some bug fix, clean the code ... ).

Actually, it works like that :

I think this API is very simple, a good abstraction about protocol is what we need here.

I still working on this URILoader, a lot more work can be done around it.

About this GSoC, I am very happy, my mentor (Dan Winship -- Thanks !!!) was great, he helps me a lot.

( about the libgweather patch, I will send it on the bugzilla, as that you'll can see why my API is so simple ).

Thanks to the GNOME community, you rocks! :)


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