[Final report] All Tracker to index online resource

Hi all,
still no internet at home, so this report is late

This week I've mainly work on allowing Tracker to control bridges. It
appears that finally this code will not be used, as miners (the new name
of bridges) will be completely standalone... I also fixed a few bugs in
various bridges, and discussed with Ivan Frade about the feed ontology,
used to store the statuses like tweets, facebook statuses etc.

Finally, I reached all the goals I had fixed (and coded one extra
bridge^Wminer), and am now in the process of merging my work in
Tracker's master branch. I will surely continue to hack on Tracker after
this summer, as I'd really like more applications to use Tracker as a
global store.

A lot of cheers go to my mentor Rob Taylor as well as to John Carr,
Alberto Ruiz, Ivan Frade and all the Tracker team. And of course of big
thank you to Google for sponsoring our work !



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