[Final Report]: add multisession capabilities to Brasero Nautilus extension

I have some problems with internet connection and mail :( Sorry for late.
I have almost done my project, there are some bug need to fix and you can see new brasero!
Now you can use all space of your discs even in nautilus, I added to brasero nautilus extension ability append files to multisession discs. In brasero you can now work with already writen files as with new ones! I hope you like this ;)
Soon I make post in my blog, I hope add video to it.

It was a wonderful summer! Thanks Gnome Community and of course my mentors - Luis Medinas and Philippe Rouquier! I'm very happy work with you!
This is not farewell letter ;) I love Gnome an I would like to impove it.

Alexey Putilov

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