[final report] Application Aware Window Management

I've completed the basic parts of application aware window management.  The backend in mutter is fully functional, and I have made a basic ui for gnome-shell.  The ui could use some improvements (fix the flickering bug caused by making both the window clone and the tab list reactive elements), and it does not actually use certain parts of the _NET_WM_CONTROLS atom (preview/icon images, control_type) but those aspects can be added later as useful.  A good next step would be to define the meaning of some values for control_type so that we can display the elements by the type of control they are.  There is a test program that can produce _NET_WM_CONTROLS atoms and handle our signals, but it would be good to add support for a few popular apps (web browsers like Firefox spring to mind).

Next steps:
Standard definitions of control_type
Better UI
Application support
Produce complete documentation for application/window manager developers

You can check out my code from the patches for Mutter and GNOME Shell along with the test application.

David Jordan

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