[Weekly Report] Week 12: Anjuta Python Integration

I did some bit of smoothening up this last week:
* Handling project names containing spaces
* Obtaining pydocs and showing as calltips
* Handling relative imports within a project
* Dedenting after return/pass/continue/break/raise
* Other Bugfixes

I am now ready with the language support plugin for Python in Anjuta,
as per my original application.

[Issues list is here: [0]]

Future work for Anjuta outside the scope of the language support plugin:
* We need GtkSourceCompletion integration so that autocomplete looks better.
* IMHO, we need improved filemanager support and build/execution tools
to run python scripts.
* I will soon (before 3 September, hopefully) try to get some project
templates for Python projects. Python (automake) project as it is
presently isn't following the standard conventions of a python
project. Also, I will add PyGTK project template.
* I am planning to make something like a python-extras plugin, which
will contain developer tools like: (1) Refactoring, (2) PyLint, (3)
Python coverage (4) winpdb etc. (Please suggest if something else can
be here, useful for a python developer)
* I'll continue to work towards improving the plugin, future python
plugins and work towards integrating the plugin with Anjuta for the
next release.

I'll put up a screencast for the plugin shortly. Thanks to everyone
for support and help. Thanks esp. to Sebastien Granjoux (my mentor),
James Liggett, Johannes Schmid, Massimo Cora and Ali Gholami Rudi
(Rope developer)  for helping me.


[0] - http://code.google.com/p/language-support-python/issues/list?can=1&q=&colspec=ID+Type+Status+Priority+Milestone+Owner+Summary&cells=tiles

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