[Final report] Nibbles port to Clutter

It is already over, those last 12 weeks went by really fast and I must
say they were 12 weeks of total awesomeness! In the beginning of the
summer I have set myself a bunch of goals[1] that I wanted to reach
and I'm very happy to say that I have reached them all! I wanted to
port Nibbles to Clutter, I wanted the port to be very similar to the
original on the gameplay side and I also wanted to introduce some
great animation in order to give a touch of bling to the game. All of
which I believe I successfully completed.

Of course the game is not bug free, there's more work that need to be
done but don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I will continue my work
on Nibbles as long as it's needed. I really enjoy  working on this
kind of project and I'm looking forward for the inclusion of my
gnibbles-clutter branch into the master branch of gnome-games in a
near future.

I have produced a screencast to showcase the current state of my
branch as of August 16 but really, the best way to appreciate the
animations is to compile the code and try it for yourself. Most of the
animation currently in place are subtle so you probably won't be able
to appreciate them in this screencast but here we go[2].

You can also browse my Vimeo videos[3] to find more little video
showcasing different part of the game at different time of its

So for the last week I did as I planned and resolved a problem with
bonus and got them to all produce the desired effect on worm. I did a
lot of small code improvement and reformatting everywhere throughout
the game. Even if it was the last week of the Summer Of Code I will
continue to work on Nibbles as long as I need to, you can be sure of
this. Anyway coding on a project like this is such a pleasure.

[1] http://live.gnome.org/GuillaumeBeland/NibblesClutter
[2] http://vimeo.com/6131520
[3] http://vimeo.com/user1855871/videos

git log --pretty=short --since=2009-08-10 | git shortlog
Guillaume Beland (14):
      Resizing bonus on configure event
      Also resizing warp on configure event
      Don't reload the splash screen when changin the start level
      Fixed bonus, worms now recognize which type of bonus they eat
      Fixed reversing worm's direction, tweak on animation and some other trivia
      Some work on bonushalf & other general improvement
      Fixed a problem in worm_get_tail_direction where it returned the worng dir
      Removed debug code
      Removed old worm.c|h & some trivial code refactoring
      Renamed worm-clutter.[ch] to worm.[ch]
      Trivial code reformating
      Changing & loading new level properly, code clean up & minor tweak
      Destroying worm properly
      Some improvement to reset and animate worm properly when they die, still n

Guillaume Béland

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