[final report] Add Geolocalized tasks (geoclue, libchamplain) in Getting Things Gnome

Hi everyone,

My main goal was achieved, I added Geolocalized tasks to Getting Things

I decided with Lionel Dricot, my mentor, that the best thing to do would
be a plugin engine/system for GTG and add the geolocalization via a
plugin. So I went this way and added geolocalized tasks to GTG by:

      * Creating a plugin engine to be able to make the plugin
      * Creating a module, python-geoclue, to facilitate the integration
        of Geoclue in python projects
              * I Made some geoclue examples in python that ended up
                inspiring others to use Geoclue :-)
              * I spoke with Keith Preston from the Geoclue Project and
                this module will be integrated with Geoclue. It is
                currently in a personal LP branch [0].
      * Using libchamplain
              * I also made one extra demo that I think is useful, of
                how to move a marker.
The plugin is available at in the GTG main development branch (trunk)

Throe these steps I achieved the final plugin. And in the way I learned
some new things like the D-Bus messaging system, GTK programing methods
(specially callbacks), python signals, loading modules/classes in
python, how a plugin system works, launchpad/bazaar that I never had
used before, etc.

This week I will be finishing the documentation, instructions of how to
use/install, adding proper comments to my code and packing/hosting the
python-geoclue module.
I'll finish the GTG Plugin howto page and create api docs for both the
plugin engine and python-geoclue.

I wanted to build a GNOME applet for geolocalization but the Bonobo page
discourages those who want to do so [2]. I will wait for GNOME 3.0 and
use the new shell to make it.

Another goal achieved was the community bonding. This isn't a real goal
and some times it's not easy, but I managed to integrate (very well I
think) and now I feel like I belong here. I'm officially part of the
Getting Things Gnome dev team! :-)

SoC was a great experience and I have only good things to say about it.
I want to thank Lionel Dricot, my mentor, for doing such a great job.
Bertrand Rousseau, who was like a co-mentor to me, always answering all
my questions and helping me when I needed his help. Jonathan Barnoud and
Kalle Persson (who made some great icons for my plugin!) and in a
general way the hole GNOME community who I bothered in IRC, some times
with stupid questions (eheh). Thank you very much.

This is not a farewell e-mail, I'll keep up and continue working on
these projects, specially on GTG (hope we can get it officially in GNOME
in a near future) so you can expect to see me around.

[0] https://code.launchpad.net/~pcabido/+junk/pygeoclue
[1] https://code.launchpad.net/~gtg/gtg/trunk
[2] http://live.gnome.org/Bonobo

Paulo Cabido

PS: During this week I will also try to make some posts on my blog about
the SoC experiences.

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