[Weekly report] Week 11: Nibbles port to Clutter

Well, last week was a productive one! here's a list of what has been done:

- I found why I had trouble with Clutter 1.0 and solved the problem
- Completely changed the way worm's are drawn, instead of one
ClutterActor per straight segment there's now one ClutterActor per
tilesize. This solve one of my long standing bug where the worm grow
randomly when changing direction. This also reduce the amount of code
needed to move a worm (~400 lines less!)
- By changing the way worm's are drawn, I've been able to narrow down
that nasty collision bug I've been talking about for the past few
weeks and I've been able to finally solve it.
- Changed the animation when the level and worm appear on the board
- Changed the animation on bonus, previously they were rotating around
the Y axis. It was nice but it didn't suited the game well. They now
scale in and out slowly. It's more subtle and in the end, a lot nicer.
- Changed the animation when worm hit a wall or another worm, No more
spin. Just a quick scale and fade out.
- Added a new animation when a worm eat a bonus. The first actor scale
giving the impression that the worm is actually absorbing the bonus.
- Fixed the menubar to be compatible with gnome-globalmenu.
- Added a very simple animation on the splash screen.
- Added a MarioBros-like animation when a part of the worm disappear.
- A lot of code refactoring, optimization and debugging.

I'll try to produce a nice screencast showcasing every animation
mentioned above.

So, right now there's one thing keeping me from saying that the port
is complete: when a worm eat a bonus, the bonus have no effect on the
worm. The code needed to grow and reduce the worm are in place and
work great. However, for some reason, my code don't seem to recognize
which type of bonus the worm is eating. This is obviously a trivial
things to solve and that's what I'll be working on this week, along
with more debugging and animation polishing.

git log --prettry=short --since=2009-08-03 | git shortlog:
Guillaume Beland (22):
      Merge branch 'master' into gnibbles-clutter
      Updated to clutter-1.0 ...
      Removed useless call to floorf and roundf and simplified code with MAX ca
      Removed the stage from GnibblesBoard
      Added GError handling where needed
      Re-integrated proper warp management
      Removed clutter_actor_show (stage)
      Changed the animation when the level load & worm appear on the board
      Added MarioBros-like animation whena part of the worm disappear...
      New animation on bonus
      Some tweak on bonus and warp animation
      Completely changing the way worms are moving.
      Made the majority of changes needed to utility function & removed old cod
      Code refactoring, removed old code and some minor fixes
      Finally solved the collision detection bug
      Nicer animation when worm die
      Collision bug not solved after all & Fixed a silly mistake in gnibbles_wo
      Solved the collision bug for good, hopefully!
      Some work on bonus/erasing tail, animation on warp and small fix to bonus
      New effect on worms when eating a bonus, still need polishing
      Fixed the menu to work with gnome-globalmenu
      Some trivial code refactoring, a little animation on the splash screen an

Guillaume Béland

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