[weekly report] week 11: GNOME-Sudoku+Telepathy

We are drawing upon the ending... I think I have covered most goals of
the game, though to be honest, it does vary from my original proposal
for some aspects.

I would like to begin test this week and try the game with my mentors,
and get ready for the final evaluation.

I also wonder, is there anything special for us this week? It seems
everybody is a bit later sending the mail this time.

$ git shortlog --since=2009-08-03
Zhang Sen (9):
      Let the model emit the puzzle-finished signal
      Clear notes on game close
      Popup dialog after the tube offer is out
      Show reason of offer failure
      Properly notify each other when puzzle finished
      new-cb should be able to stop network game
      Trivial refactoring
      Trivial refactoring


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