[weekly report] week 11: Music sharing in Banshee using Telepathy [banshee-soc]

WOW! Last week. Last report. I won't miss the reports :) But, I will
miss spending my days hacking. It will be adjustment to get back to
the books.

Anyway, here's this week's highlights:

* Lots of tidying, refactoring, organizing, bugfixing, etc.
* Added caching to Avatars class
* Added ability to seek during track playback when streaming from a contact
* Submitted a patch to Banshee to improve the seek slider usability
when seeking a seekable stream [0], also fixed another bug in the
process of doing this. [1]
* Updated doc
* Added an option to allow / disallow streaming
* Started a repository for a standalone installer for my Banshee extension [2]

This week I'll be doing more tidying, testing, etc. I am using my
extension a lot these days, streaming music from my desktop to my
laptop while working. I get to listen to tunes at work and test my
project all at the same time. Not a bad deal. :)

The standalone installer will also need some work. Also, I'll have to
speak with my mentor on some issues with where some of my code will
live (within the extension or combined with my telepathy-sharp binding
stuff). I guess I get to play with autotools for this too. Yay! :(

[0] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=591016
[1] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=539395
[2] http://github.com/nloko/banshee-telepathy-extension/tree/master

Neil Loknath (31):
      Refactoring into RequestedChannel abstract class
      Fix dispose
      Refactoring for new TransferManager class
      Some refactoring of Dispatchers
      Refactor Avatars
      Add caching to Avatars
      Half-ass fix for seeking errors
      Revert "Half-ass fix for seeking errors"
      Enable seeking during streaming between contacts
      Change Range to Content-Range in response
      README updated
      Separate Notes and Issues in README
      Improve seek slider functionality with seekable streams
      Fix slider hang when position moved to right causing track change
      Wrap Telepathy calls in try/catch
      Set FileTransfer.IsClosed earlier
      Add debug info to DispatchManager.Remove
      Match namespacing to directory names
      Add Banshee.Telepathy.Net namespace
      More namespace fun
      Call ProvideFile asynchronously
      Add null check
      Fix null check
      Clean up StreamTube is service goes away
      Add toggle option to allow/disallow streaming
      Fix allow streaming option
      Adding 'Cancel Browse Request' back in
      Simply getting Contact from a Source
      README updates

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