[Weekly Report] Week 10: Nibbles port to Clutter

Last week I did a lot of code refactoring, merged files and reduced
code complexity. I also worked on solving a collision bug between
worms. I've been able to improve the situation a bit but the bug is
still there. Unfortunately I've been quite busy last week and I did
not work on my project as much as I wanted to.

Clutter 1.0 was released last week so I upgraded to the latest build.
However since 0.9.6 I've been plagued by a bug with clutter on my
machine which greatly my affect workflow. Now that 1.0 is released
I'll have to find a way to make clutter work on my machine if not it
would be very hard to work efficiently.

As I mentioned last week. The current state of the game is fairly
advanced. Apart from this collision bug there's only a few things that
need to be addressed such as polishing animation etc.

git shortlog:
Guillaume Beland (7):
      Merged level.c to board.c ...
      Made a lot of fix  on worm movement, still can't put the finger on what is
      Re-added gnibles_error()
      Partially solved the collision bug, added utility method to lighten the co
      Factored out code to handle bonus into a new utility function
      Merge branch 'master' into gnibbles-clutter
      Updated to clutter-1.0 ...

Guillaume Béland

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