Week 10: Integrating Zeitgeist into GNOME Shell

Hey. I'll go with a git shortlog this week.

In GNOME Shell master:
 - DocsWidget -> RecentDocsWidget
 - Replace lastVisited method in DocInfo with timestamp attribute
 - Toggle the info pane when clicking the info icon (#587550)
 - Add appInfo.get_desktop_file_path method
 - Fix details pane repositioning
 - Fix the amount of fitting elements calculation in the OverflowList
(+ a path to fix a pagination problem, but it needs to be redone
because of some upcoming code changes.)

In my own GNOME Shell branch:
 - Fix dynamic reconnection to Zeitgeist.
 - Show tags in docs details panel (needs to be beautified), and
ignore D-Bus errors (ie., do not show a visible error message).
 - [Summarizing several commits:] Show the tags more nicely, and give
each a button to delete it.
 - Finally fix exists() in docInfo to work with Zeitgeist's items.
 - Use gtk-file as fallback icon instead of showing a white box when
no other icon can be found.
 - Merge with master.
(+ started experimenting with having something more journalish -with
headers for days and the like- in the "More docs" pane).

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Ubuntu Developer. Debian Contributor.

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