[Weekly report] Week 10: Add Geolocalized tasks (geoclue, libchamplain) in Getting Things Gnome

Hello everyone,

This week I merged the plugin-engine with GTG's main development branch
and was accepted in the gtg-dev group.

I made changes (still haven't committed them) to the plugin-engine. I
changed the way the plugins were loading to make the engine more secure.
The idea is the same as the gedit's plugin engine. Each plugin has a
config file (like plugin_name.gtg-plugin) that has the info (name,
version, authors, description and module info). Also if the plugin
imports a missing module, the plugin will be "locked" and the missing
module(s) are displayed in the plugin description when a user browses
the plugins.

I also corrected bugs in the plugin and made a screencast that some of
you may have seen already. If you haven't seen it you can do it at
http://www.paulocabido.com. I'm still working on the UIs.


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