[weekly report] week 10: Music sharing in Banshee using Telepathy [banshee-soc]


* Finished adding support for Stream tubes
* Managed to crash telepathy-gabble while adding Stream tube support:
* Added streaming - you can now stream a contact's music after
downloading their library info
* Created a base web server class from some existing work in the
Banshee DAAP extension. This gets extended and used to provide
* Blogged about streaming:
* Various clean up, tweaks, testing and bug fixes

Here's the git shortlog:

      Separate FileTransfer class into Incoming & Outgoing
      Add Socket support check to StreamTubeChannel class
      Fixes, more Stream tube work
      Added a proxy for streaming, more to come
      Added StreamServer class and other bits
      Register StreamActivityDispatcher
      Fix Connection.AdvertiseServices
      Comment out TargetHandleType when SetSelfCapabilities called
      Add Connection.AddService method
      Attempt to work around Telepathy bug
      Change ServiceName to Service
      Change ServiceName to Service in ContactSource
      Rework some stuff
      Bug fixes
      Bug fixes
      Comment out StreamActivity.OnChannelReady debug msg
      Clean up Unix socket
      Move StreamActivityListener request in ContactSource
      Use BinaryReader/Writer in Proxy
      This commit enables streaming!
      Allow streaming from playlists
      Enable streaming from both ends of 2 connected contacts
      Suppress Empathy error msg for unhandled service
      Attempt to fix import after download
      Bug fix
      Better logic for parsing out file extension
      Clean up proxy & fix so tracks play continuously
      Remove delay for simulating slow data transmission
      Add debug info to track down weird exception
      Some clean up with file transfer stuff
      More clean-up
      Update copyright mentions
      Try adding Contact to dictionary ASAP, delay Init
      Some polish
      Make a nice, abstract  BaseWebServer class
      Remove some debug info
      Fix seq# bug
      Make file descriptor for StreamServer partially random
      Make BaseWebServer public
      Fix setting of port in StreamingHTTPProxyServer
      Fix port again, tidy stuff
      ObjectPath added to IChannel
      Merge branch 'master' into gsoc

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