[Weekly report] Week 10: DVB Daemon

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I spend last week working on the ring buffer implementation. I split it
into two separate elements, one src and one sink. Basic functionality is
already working, though currently without support for seeking. The next
step is to find out what necessary for seeking.

In addition, I worked on built-in Totem support. Channels watched within
in Totem are stored in GtkRecentManager with a proper display name and
have the group gnome-dvb-daemon assigned. Therefore, starting Totem with
dvb: argument, the last watched channel will show up. I still have to
find a good solution if no recently watched channels are available.
Currently, Totem shows a list of available channels when starting with
dvb: and tunes to the first channel in the list. The channel list will
be available from the dvb-daemon plugin so it will be difficult to
connect from the gstreamer backend to the plugin. Furthermore, I don't
think that's a good idea, because that would mean that the backend is
not entirely independent from the core. Retrieving the channel URL
directly from the daemon would introduce dbus dependency in the backend.

Hopefully, I can post updated Totem patches next week.

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Sebastian Pölsterl
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