[weekly report] week 10: Local map rendering in libchamplain

This week I made some progress although I had to learn for my exams:
 * I improved the data exchange between the MapSource and the
 * It is now possible to choose between a manged tile cache and a
persistent cache.
 * I documented all the symbols I added to champlain.
 * The demo has now an interface to edit properties of rules.

Next week I will improve the editing of rules and the demo. All in all I
think that the main features of my project are now done, unless
Pierre-Luc disagrees with me. :-)

Simon Wenner (16):
      Add state property to ChamplainMapDataSource
      local-rendering-demo: Add loading icon for the NetworkMapDataSourc
      local-rendering-demo: Add dialogue to edit a rule
      Remove the 'map-data-changed' signal from MapDataSource
      Add 'persistent-cache' property to MemphisMapSource
      local-rendering-demo: Make use of the non-persistent cache
      Document ChamplainNetworkMapDataSource
      Fix typo
      Libmemphis: Sync to revision 132
      Use memphis_map_get_bounding_box
      Document all ChamplainMapDataSources
      Update documentation of ChamplainCache
      Update BoundingBox documentation
      Document ChamplainMemphisMapSource
      Update documentation of all MapDataSources
      Add all new symbols to the documentation index


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