F-Spot color profile support: Week 2 Report

sorry, last week I havn't sent such mail, because I thought that I must write that only in my blog. (my week 1 report is here)

There are not much things, what I've done, because I have the examinations now [3 exams left, and 2 more]. On this week the following has been made by me:

   *  There is no designated place to store device profiles on Linux,
     /usr/share/color/icc/ has become a de facto standard, used by
     several applications, by F-Spot now too :) and this path:
     "/usr/local/share/color/icc " too. (FileChooserDialog - not now:)
     And I think that it is not a final version to store the profiles,
     I'd like to read more about ICC directories in Linux.

   *  The profile is set to X screen.

   * The color profile support was added into the loader code.

But there are some errors, the code must be improve.

week 1 report, shortly:
"Last week I have unhide the color management frame in f-spot preferences (it must be edit f-spot.glade by hand to unhide this) and read some about how can I do it (about glade).
Now I'm editing the PreferenceDialog.cs <...>
At the same time I'm continue studing the general structure of sources, and methods to use the color profiles."

my blog: http://vasiliy-kirilichev.blogspot.com/


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