Soylent - Progress Report - Week 9

Hi GSocers!

Time for a new progress report. As always you can also read it on my blog [1] if you like.

What happened since the last release? It has been a productive week for libsoylent.

Attributes are implemented. That means adding and removing attributes to / from people as well as modifying them works. With that come attribute-handlers. That’s basically a system which provides a way to convert runtime-types to libsoylent-system-types, so you can use arbitrary types like C-structs as attributes (for more information on that see the libsoylent API-draft). Furthermore storing and loading people (and attributes) works. Also the SVN trunk now contains some documentation and a bit of example-code.

Some important things are still on the TODO-list: some bugs have found their way into the code and want to be removed soon. Signals are not implemented at the moment, so libsoylent won’t notify you if some person was added or modified or something like-wise. And of course some more documentation and example-code wouldn’t hurt.

So, when will libsoylent be usable? The answer is: soon! Perhaps with the next release, coming in one week? ;)

See you all
- Sven


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