VoIP features of Telepathy/Empathy - Report Week 6

Almost the goal !

After connecting a lot of signals to integrate the libtelepathy-farsight ( the real name of the libstream-engine-fs2 ), I have been blocked due to some trouble in the empathy conception. Indeed some old classes ( as ie. the EmpathyTpCall that init the audio or video call between some contacts ) were putted in libempathy, and now, these classes depends on Gstreamer library, so we (me and the team) took the decision to move these files in the Empathy sources and no more in the libempathy library. These modification introduce some other changes in the makefiles (I like so much Autotools ... :P)

But despite that I can see the end of the new lib integration. I hope to achieve it soon.

After this goal reached, I will modify the EmpathyTpVideoStream & EmpathyTpVideoSink, to erase the gtksocket & gtkplug for the video-preview. I will eventually try to move these new files in the right place (maybe in libempathy-gtk or somewhere else).

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