Cheese and OpenGL - 9th week report

Hi all :D! It turns out that I'm sending this report always late on
wednesday, please forgive me!

As I said the previous week I was studying hard for the last exams of
the semester so I wasn't able to do anything useful during the last
couple of weeks. Now exams are over and I restarting to work at the
usual pace. Not that I didn't do anything when I was studying, I started
to be active on cheese bugzilla, at first just to take a break after a
couple of hours of study. I solved a couple of bugs and I soon got
addicted, as Cosimo said bugzilla it's like a drug :P! It's not actually
related to my SoC work but Cheese needs that too, right?
However, let's talk about SoC things:

- after reading Andy Wingo's post about a clutter based window manager I
had the idea that glx texture from pixmap can easily be used to create a
ClutterActor from a glimagesink output. I did some experiment and I
already have a ClutterStage with several instances of "my face" with
different effects applied. The code is still rough and experimental but
it seems a promising path to follow. I'm not sure if this will work on
non nvidia hardware, I'll try to find an answer soon.

- as I said in the previous report gst-plugins-gl is going through some
big change. Another developer, Julien Isorce, was working since some
time on a separate branch. It started with the aim to port
gst-plugins-gl to win32 but ended with some big architectural change.
Most of his work could bring a lot of improvements (better performance,
glsl colorspace conversion, ecc) to gst-plugins-gl, so David Schleef
decided to merge it. 
Now my previous code doesn't work anymore, so my (our) current goal is
to make my code work again with the new branch.
I already talked with Daniel to rearrange my schedule, so I will
concentrate exclusively on this merge in the next weeks.
The downside of this merge is that gst-plugins-gl needs a couple of
months of work before a stable version can be released so we'll have to
wait at least until 2.26 to see my effects on Cheese.

That's all for now, if you have any question just ask!


Filippo Argiolas
Jabber: filippo argiolas jabber no
Irc: fargiolas (GimpNET, Freenode)

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