F-Spot sidebar improvements: Week 9 Report

Hi all!

 [ For information about my GSoC project, fast-forward to the bottom ]

As announced last week, I had to attend the AOSD Summer School last week
(as part of my thesis). This took most of my time. Now that's over, I
can concentrate on hacking.

A few bits of work did get finished last week: I've largely refactored
the way we do color adjustments, mostly to avoid duplicate code (we had
two seperate code paths to adjust colors). They are now unified and more

Only one editor left to port, but that one bugs me a bit. Am not sure
this one can be re-implemented without the cairo-specific hook it
currently uses and still have decent performance.

Related to performance, do check out my summary post:

That's it for now, more to come!

About the project:

I will be working on F-Spot and concentrate on the sidebar, editing
tools and other usability work.


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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